Lose weight and take back control of your life in 30 days

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Starting 1 May

30 days to be the best you

Unleash the magic within!

30 days to soulful, self-loving transformational weight loss.

Your body - your future - be the best you!

My weight has gone up and down all my life. 

I have been very active for many years yet the weight was all over the place. 

I felt upset, frustrated, annoyed and fed up... I tried it all... 

My sense of worth took a hit. I didn't feel sexy. I was starting to feel depressed... It was only when I learnt to understand the journey, the power, the possibilities started with ME things changed. 

It all starts within! It is never about the food.

It is your time to Sparkle! It is your time to take back the control of your life!

The 30 days Be the Best You Programme starting 1 May!

It is time to transform YOU if you recognise any of the below; 

  • tried all diets under the sun and you never really feel better long term - often worse!
  • don't want to count calories or "earn points" - you want to live and enjoy life
  • ready to make a change - and this change starts with YOU, from within
  • want to learn how to feel better in your own skin
  • want to get rid of outdated habits and learn how to break through limiting beliefs
  • ready to go all in and see the changes, leaving excuses behind and to be accountable and allowing yourself to enjoy your achievements

What to expect during this programme; 

  • Daily and weekly focus and interaction in a safe environment in a closed Facebook group
  • Easy and carefully selected tasks to work in-depth for long-term change
  • Help with exercise plans - moving a little more than before, to your level
  • Food diary analysis and individual/personalised guidance
  • Foundation information around nutrients - fuel your body right
  • Uniquely developed material for you to keep
  • Specially designed visualisations and hypnotherapy material
  • Accountability where you get to enjoy YOUR success
  • Support all the way through the programme in the group
  • Learning to change perspective and get back your control of YOUR life
  • Understand your body and the impact of how we treat it - inside and out
  • Ready to lose weight, feel good and more energised and rediscover joy. 
  • Participants who engage, take part and DO usually lose between 1-2 lbs per week.

The benefits of transforming yourself from the inside out and starting to love yourself again will have such great ripple effects to other areas in your life. 

Locations and time zones are no longer barriers. The benefit of running this type of programme in a closed Facebook group, is that you can take part, go through the material and catch-up when it works for you.

However - you do need to engage, take part - and DO! There is no magic pill. 

It takes determination and a 'go-get' attitude - and in this supportive environment with like-minded people the support mechanism is there to hold you up and push you forward on days where you perhaps are doubting yourself. For each step, you can look back and reap the feeling of achievement and learn the art of gratitude and appreciation - for YOU.

I am ready to be the best I can be! Time to feel GOOD!

30 days of support and getting YOU feeling great about YOU. 

Content, commitment, specially designed material, downloadable files and documents for you to keep - all worth more than £500 still only £125! 

Let's find that magic within and empower YOU!

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